Blow Molding - Paarlo Plastics, Inc.

When manufacturing a part that is hollow in shape, blow molding is the most cost effective manufacturing process. Blow molding is accomplished by extruding a hollow sleeve (or parison) of molten plastic between two mold halves. The mold is then closed around the parison and air is injected within, forcing the plastic to mimic the mold cavity configuration.

Paarlo has blow molding machines with single and dual heads ranging in shot size from 1/2 oz. to 25 lbs.

Advantages of Blow Molding:

  • Tooling cost is typically less than injection molding.
  • Piece price is typically less than rotational molding.
  • One piece construction (no welding or gluing part halves together.)
  • No cores allow for irregular shapes.
  • Seamless construction is ideal for liquid filled or airtight containers.
  • Excellent ESCR (Environmental Stress Crack Resistance.)
  • Quick product revisions allow for increased flexibility (wall change is process change, not a tooling change. Tools made from aluminum are less costly to revise.)

Added Value: Blow Molding, Injection Molding and Assembling to Fit Your Needs