Engineering - Paarlo Plastics, Inc.

Our Engineering staff has expertise in processing, product design and tooling construction.

Process Optimization:

In order to keep costs to a minimum, our engineering staff identifies the most cost-effective process for each project. Lean manufacturing principles are utilized for the elimination of waste while producing a quality product. With Paarlo’s commitment to continuous improvement, we routinely evaluate processes in an effort to provide cost savings to our customers.

Product Design:

Cost savings can also be achieved through product design. Relatively minor changes in the design phase can impact greatly the cost, and subsequent savings of manufacturing. Our expertise in this area is our greatest asset. Whether a napkin sketch or electronic data, we have both the capability and the know how to bring your idea from concept to production.

Tooling Design:

Once a design has been finalized, Paarlo Engineering can facilitate the construction of all necessary tooling. This includes machine tooling, molds, secondary fixtures, gauges, testing fixtures and assembly lines or work cells.